Melbourne council heads for total smoking ban in CBD

Sydney needs to follow!


Three more laneways in Melbourne’s CBD will become smoke-free following a decision by Melbourne City Council on Tuesday night. Smoking will be banned in the laneways from April, after a consultation process found there was strong support for the proposal. Eighty-five per cent of people and businesses consulted thought the proposal was a good idea.

Councillor Richard Foster, who would like to see a CBD-wide ban implemented, says while he is pleased with the decision, he would now like council to tackle the issue on a larger scale.

“My view would be it’s time to be more ambitious and consider some larger and iconic areas that could become smoke-free,” Cr Foster said. “Nearly 88 per cent of Australians don’t smoke. It’s important to reflect those numbers in public policy.”

Cr Foster said he expected three more areas would be included by July, with consultations on further sites about to commence…

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Hi my names Aleks this is my first blog. I’m 23 years old from Sydney Australia, I’m also a law student studying commercial and corporate law. The focal point of my blog will basically be about my expression and opinions that interest me in both my personal life  I.e. Expirences off all aspects for example travelling, my hobbiess,  etc… I will also blog about topics  within the political world and give my view and take on the matter.

I am also into my conspiracy theories, yes I am one of those people that likes to read into situations depict the situation analyse it and then try make an understanding as to whether or not the sequence of events match up to the medias story as to why what is happening is happening; yes I like to question and second guess and analyse things that happen in this globe we call our planet.

All seriousness aside I’m not a boring typical law student I like to have to fun, I like to travel, I like to live my life rather than just exist and conform to the typical 9 to 5 wake up and repeat most people tend to do, I don’t like to enslave my self to normalcy in terms to this is how you’re suppose to live life I like too live it my way after all it’s my book and I am the author of my own life.

One of my passions is cars; above is a photo of my car at the Bathurst race track Mt Panaorama In Sydney Australia, this track is known for the famous v8 supercar races and is one of Sydney’s historic race tracks. It wa such a fun day out with a great group of people.

Well that’s a little bit about myself  until next time…..